We can safely say Drs. Terry DubrowAnd Paul NassifAre ReallyGood at what they do.

For seven seasons now, the Botched docs have continually shocked both their patients and those tuning in at home by performing the most complicated of procedures—all to correct former failed surgeries—and delivering stunning transformations. Oftentimes, thanks to the plastic surgery experts, you can’t even tell what went wrong with a patient’s initial operation!

For the last seven seasons,Botched has been packed with “stories that you think would never happen.”

“We chose this season to adopt those patients we wouldn’t normally give up, but that were not considered viable.” Heather DubrowCelebHomes was informed by’s husband Justin Sylvester On Daily Pop before season six premiered last year. Because we’ve done this so many years, we know how to do these special operations.

They have delivered so far.