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March is Women’s History Month. Let us support women we love and read their books.

It does not matter whether it’s Oprah Winfrey helping you find your life’s purpose or Amy SchumerYou will find humor in these autobiographies and you’ll learn many things about how to be the best version possible of yourself.

Jessica SimpsonShare her struggles with alcoholism, body images, and romantic relationships. Mariah Carey shares her journey from her tough childhood to super stardom. Gabrielle Union details her personal trauma as a sexual assault survivor and her trials and tribulations in the entertainment industry. Hilarie Burton Morgan I went from being a star in big cities to living on a farm. Michelle Obama divulges behind-the-scenes information about her life before, during, and after serving as the first lady of the United States.

Scroll below to check out some of the books you need to level up as a boss during Women’s History Month!