New details about what led to Bob Saget‘s sudden death have been revealed. 

CelebHomes News obtained a statement by the Saget family indicating that the cause of death for the actor, 65 years old, was brain trauma.

The family stated Wednesday that they were overwhelmed by the outpourings of support from Bob’s followers in the weeks following Bob’s death. We feel it is only right that fans are informed of the final findings from the investigation by the authorities.

The family said that authorities concluded that the The Full House star “accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep.” It was not a drug or alcohol incident, they said.

Saget’s legacy was touched upon in the closing statement. “We ask all to recall the love, laughter, and kindness that Bob brought to the world and the lessons he taught: To be kind, to love everyone and give love to those you care about, and to embrace difficult times with laughter and hugs.”