Saul Goodman baked his last Cinnabon.

Saul is better came to an end after six seasons on Aug. 15. Saul Goodman was the final AMC Series.Bob Odenkirk) locked up in the ADX Montrose prison, a.k.a. He’ll be serving an 86 year sentence at “The Alcatraz of the Rockies.” 

Although viewers were always aware that the series would be caught up to the events of, Breaking BadIt was not an easy task to say farewell.

Take it from Bob, who shared a heartfelt message to Twitter Aug. 15. Everyone has been asking me what I think about the decision to say goodbye to Saul Goodman. Saul is betterOdenkirk answered the question, “I’m not very good at answering it because it’s honestly hard for me too look at that experience. It’s complicated and there are too many parts. They fit together so well that it is a mystery how this happened.