It’s time to move on Jason Oppenheim. The possibilities for new opportunities are endless Sunsets for Sale Man is what we are focused on.

CelebHomes News discovered that CelebHomes News had learned this back in April Bling Empire star Kane Lim works for Selling SunsetThe Oppenheim Group brokerage. And now, in an exclusive interview, Kane revealed that he would “love” to join the show’s cast.

The reality star stated that she and Chrisselle have previously worked together. “We’ll see,” she said. I love real estate, but it’s great fun to be on the market. Bling EmpireThat I do not know if it is possible to leave. [it]. This is something we started together and has been so great.

He added, “But if you have to jump on…” Sunsets for SaleWhy not? It would make me happy.”

Kane is described by Oppenheim as “an experienced real estate developer and agent.” [who has]The seller sold three properties in Venice Beach’s upscale Los Angeles neighborhood.

Continue reading the description: “[Kane] possesses an innate understanding of market trends and enjoys the challenges and rewards of real estate transactions.”