It is clear that Blake SheltonThe center of the universe is itself Gwen Stefani

Friday, Nov. 5 was the release of “We Can Reach the Stars”, the country song that he wrote for Gwen. It was first played for her in July at their wedding. You can listen to the song on social media or download the deluxe edition of his album. Body Language

“I’m really proud #WeCanReachTheStars, and I’m really humbled to be with @gwenstefani,” he wrote to Instagram to accompany a short excerpt of the song. “That’s what made us get married. That’s why we wear rings… because we want everyone to know. This song is my joy to share with the world.”

Blake’s message was reposted by Gwen (52), to her Instagram account. She added the note, “yep..this happened to me.” [prayer emoji] @blakeshelton i love u.” The No DoubtBlake began dating singer in 2015, after they had worked together as coaches. The VoiceIncluded the hashtags #mysong & #thankyouGOD