She later posted another Instagram Story that captured her and Ryan posing together, as she held up the note.

“Yes the cupcakes were harmed in the taking of this photo,” she quipped. “…fortunately, my husband has the ability to restore anything.”

On Monday, Dec. 13, Ryan opened up about the now-viral Peloton ad with Chris and how it came to life.

“By pure luck,” the Ryan admitted to The Hollywood Reporter. “We’d been talking to Peloton about our Creative-as-a-Subscription product in the week before this all happened. It was like meeting someone I knew. Dara [Treseder, CMO of Peloton]On Dec. 1, for the first-time, she emailed us. We all got the right direction when she emailed us immediately after the episode aired.

He said, “Chris was right in, but it wasn’t a slow process for us all. Chris was certainly my contribution, but Maximum Effort built its reputation on these challenges. Although it’s never easy, Maximum Effort knows the secrets to success.

Overall, things went smoothly. As Ryan put it, “We try to do these things in a way where everyone wins—Peloton, Chris and the show itself.”