A member BLACKPINK is coming face to face with coronavirus. 

LisaOn Wednesday, 23 November, one of the South Korean girl groups that won an award was tested positive for COVID-19. New York Times reported, citing a statement her production company, YG Entertainment, sent to Korean news organizations. CelebHomes News reached out to YG Entertainment in order for clarification. 

No further details regarding the 24-year-old performer’s diagnosis were shared. Meanwhile, the other members of the group—JennieJisoo Rosé—were said to be awaiting test results, YG Entertainment said in its statement, per the New York Times. They were not, however, listed as close friends. 

While Lisa’s condition has not been addressed by the women on social media, it has not stopped her fans from flooding Lisa’s Instagram account’s comments section with love.  

One fan said, “Lisa, get well soon. We love you. You’re strong like always.”