The Johnson Family is leaving in style.

In honor of the series finale of black-ish, the show is being fêted with an ABC primetime special, Black-ish Celebration, which will air directly after the show’s series finale on April 19.

The special goes all the way back to the beginning, featuring screen tests for the show’s 2014 pilot episode, as seen in this exclusive CelebHomes News clip. 

Anthony AndersonAnd a baby-faced Marcus Scribner show off some of the father-son chemistry that would help black-ishOver its eight years, it has been one of the most popular comedies on TV.

There’s Miles Brown Marsai MartinThey both have grown up in front of our eyes and are now able to pass their on-screen tests together. Tracee Ellis Ross, who has earned five Emmy nominations for the show, is also seen getting in some early reps as matriarch Bow. 

In addition to interviews with Anderson and Ross, Martin Brown, Brown, Scribner, and Scribner will appear in the special. Yara Shahidi, Laurence Fishburne, Jenifer L. Lewis and Deon Cole.

Ellis Ross in the special says, “When i read the script it was something special.” It was an interesting point of view, which I hadn’t seen on TV in this way.