It’s common for celebrities to go all out and buy things that help demonstrate their wealth. But, Bryan Williams, aka “Birdman,” is taking it to a whole new level. I mean, with someone being a major affiliate of “Cash Money Records,” one can infer that they can afford Christmas dinners for the entire country, or most of the country at least. One thing’s certain; Birdman is set on moving into a Mount Olympian mansion. As per his Instagram post, he’s moving into the South Beach estate on Feb 15. Meanwhile, the one half of Big Tymers has been hanging wth Lil’ Wayne. They are, indeed, set to collaborate musically. Bryan also has plans to release another album.

Like his latest album, there’s no telling on what the floor plan includes. The least that’s known is the floors are sleek and you can clearly see your reflection in them, as well as the home decor. The main halls shine bright like diamonds and the dining room can easily make up for a large meeting room. There will be a fireplace included, which is seemingly long and cozy. Birdman’s new home is surely a “stunna.” That’s probably due to the fact that he’s having it built. Who knows what else it will be packin’.

Address: Unknown