Billie Eilish is sharing what it’s like for her to live with Tourette syndrome. 

The subject was discussed by the singer (20 years old) during season 4’s premiere David Letterman: My guest doesn’t need an introductionWatch “The Killing” on Netflix, May 20. 

Cedars Sinai says that Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder, causes individuals to make unintentional sounds, words and movements. This is called tics.

After experiencing a tic, the “bad guy” artist told host David Letterman“If you keep filming me long enough you will see many tics.” 

Eilish stated that people do not always see the situation in its immediate context. She said that the most common reaction people have is to laugh at me trying to be funny. They think they’re going to like [imitates tic]As a humorous move. Then they say “Ha.” That’s what I find most offensive. They may say, “What?” Or they go like, “What?” And then I say, “I have Tourette’s.”