It is impossible for anyone to rain. Billie Eilish‘s parade—or in this case, “s–t” on it.

The “Happier Than Ever” singer responded to a user on TikTok bashing her 2022 Oscars look and named her among the “Worst Dressed” of the night.

Video creator began the video rating the Oscars worst-dressed looks. He said, “I hate it, but here’s what I think is the Oscar’s worst attire.”

He showed Billie a Gucci all-black Gucci outfit and declared, “I’m sick of her s—t!”

Billie responded to hate by dueting this video. She is seen squatting on a toilet seat, raising her middle finger, and showing where she was in the bathroom. She captioned the TikTok, “i HAVENT had enough of my s–t. i am s–ting right now.”

The commenters praised her response. One user wrote, “Great content queen. Keep up! Lionsgate even added to the comments, commenting, “great rebuttal billie.”