There are many booger jokes. 

90 Day FiancéCouple BilalAnd Shaeeda nearly combust on the freeway over a seemingly innocuous booger quip in this exclusive clip from the May 22 episode. 

“You just might want to get that booger out of your nose,” Bilal tells his fiancé Shaeeda while he’s behind the wheel.

Shaeeda refuses to believe that Shaeeda is even a human being. It hasBilal is stubborn, a bit of a boon. He tells her, “Yes, it is.” It’s both green-ish and brownish.

It’s immediately clear that Shaeeda doesn’t find any of Bilal’s jokes funny—and she lets him know it. Shaeeda informs him that he is getting tired of being pranked about the booger in his nose. It’s an American custom. It isn’t Trinidadian. It is not my style of humor.”

After just one week of being together, Bilal and Shaeeda met online. Things aren’t going well for them now that they’re in Bilal’s hometown of Missouri.