Dan Gheesling“The household has just added a member to its ranks.”

CelebHomes News is the only source to confirm that CelebHomes News has confirmed Big BrotherStar and his wife Chelsea Gheesling have welcomed their third child, Celine Jean Geesling.

CelebHomes News exclusive: Dan shared the following with CelebHomes News: “Chelsea, I and we are both thrilled to welcome a 3rd child into our family.” We didn’t know what gender the baby was before we went to the hospital. It is a joy to have another baby.

This is the couple’s latest arrival Desmond5. Miles3 older siblings. Dan, who hosts a Twitch channel full time, said that they were thrilled to have big brothers. He said, “It’ll be thrilling to see them adapt to having an infant in the home.” They are great children so this will be a lot of fun.

Chelsea and Dan, the co-founders of Bundled corporate gifting, celebrated their 10th anniversary recently.