Beyonce turns up the heat on “Virgo’s Groove,” a funky, disco-infused siren song that gets its namesake from her astrological sign. Her light, lilting vocals tempt her lover to come closer and spend a night together as she sensually sings, “Baby come over / come be alone with me tonight / all these emotions / it’s washing over me tonight.”

10. “MOVE” [ft. Grace Jones and Tems]

Get out of the way Queen Bey Grace JonesAnd TemsThe trio did not visit to record the reggaeton-infused power hit “Move.” The unstoppable trio commandeer the track from the moment they step foot in the club, boldly declaring “I’m with my girls and we all need space / when the queen come through part like the Red Sea.”

11. “HEATED” 

“Heated” is all about the importance of knowing one’s worth—both romantically and financially. Beyonce is at odds with a slow-moving man in the track. He “tests her patience” as well as wasting her time. While “Heated” could’ve been a simple, fiery diss track, Beyonce subverts expectations by keeping the first half of the song airy and unaffected before she really shares her true thoughts.