A album leak is impossible to break Beyoncé‘s soul.
Only moments after her highly-anticipated album was released, RenaissanceIn a private note, Queen Bey thanked her fans for waiting to hear it until its July 29 arrival. (ICYMI, RenaissanceThree days before the publication date, it was posted online.
The message she shared on Instagram, July 29, stated “So the album leaked” and that it was best to wait until its official release to fully enjoy the music. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen. Thank you all so much for protecting me and my family. Thank you so much for catching anyone trying to get into the club before they did. This means the world.
In her heartfelt message, Beyoncé had nothing praise for the Beyhive. Beyonce wrote: “Thank you so much for all your help.” “Thank you for being patient. Enjoy the music and let us take your suggestions. My commitment to you is unwavering. I love you deep.”