Creators Saul deserves betterThey are making our dreams come true.

Vince Gilligan Peter Gould confirmed to Variety You can find out more about a Breaking Bad crossover is in the works after they were questioned about a possible appearance from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. However, Gould was unable to confirm if the crossover involves the O.G. stars, simply saying, “These two worlds collide in a way that you’ve never seen before, that’s for sure.”

Gilligan played coy too, replying, “It would be a damn shame if the show ended without [Cranston and Paul] appearing, would it not?”

Better Call Saul‘s sixth season premieres April 18 on AMC takes place before Saul (Bob OdenkirkWalter White (Cranston), and Jesse Pinkman(Paul) recruit. The spinoff is now catching up with the timeline. Breaking Bad, so it’s not out of the question that Walter and Jesse would make a cameo.

Odenkirk said that the sixth season picks up speed, and Jimmy McGill will become Saul Goodman. Odenkirk said that he sees “much bigger things” happening in the final season. Entertainment Weekly. “It is just more turbulent. “The plotting gets more intense.”