Benedict Cumberbatch is ready for a Western showdown.
During a March 4 BAFTA’s Film Sessions event, the Power of the Dog actor addressed Sam Elliott‘s recent criticism of the film, which he called a “piece of s–t” last week on Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast.

“I’m trying very hard not to say anything about a very odd reaction that happened the other day on a radio podcast over here,” Benedict, 45, said, adding, “I haven’t heard it, so it’s unfair for me to comment in detail on it—to the West being portrayed in this way.”

Benedict, who portrays a gay man named Phil Burbank in the film, noted that it’s important to include LGBTQ+ characters in the film because “these people still exist in our world.”

He said, “Whether it is on our doorstep, down the street, or someone we meet at a bar, pub, or sports field, there are aggression, anger, frustration, and an inability or knowledge to control that moment. This causes damage to the person, and as we all know, damages to others around them.”