What is the best way to say “put it up or shut it up”? 

It’s that simple. Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Daisy KelliherApparently, he is trying to find out how Ashley Marti continuously complains about her workload in this exclusive sneak peek of the Bravo show’s March 21 episode,

Ashley asks, “Why must I do everything?” Ashley asked, explaining that her irritation is especially acute. Gabriela Barragan, who apparently keeps giving her to-do lists.

Ashley assures Daisy, “I have no problem respecting your at all.” Daisy says, “You are the one I would like to follow.”

Daisy looks confused but is not able to understand what she’s asking. So it’s how she is asking you?” Ashley replies, and Ashley adds: “It’s how it’s communicated.” 

Trying to level with her, Daisy explains that every crew member aboard the Parsifal III is “gonna have to follow orders that we’re not happy with.” 

“Maybe that’s not the way you would do it,” Daisy adds, “but when you’re Second and Chief, you get to choose.”