Hannah was unceremoniously fired Below Deck MedAfter season 5, she was ready to embark on her next adventure, motherhood. Ava was born to Josh and her in 2020 shortly after their second anniversary. 

Ava has almost two years to her own age. “She’s just started speaking, which is so cute,” Hannah said, revealing that her first word was “bubbles.” 

Being a mother to a teenage daughter and managing the Ocean International Training Academy is not easy. isn’t easy. Hannah described her days as “hectic,” adding, “We had, basically, a disaster wedding planner who took on our wedding and then did nothing for six weeks. The entire wedding planning process took place in just four weeks.

Yes, Four weeks. Hannah said that Josh wanted “to scale it back” at first, but she wasn’t ready to let go of her dream wedding. They were able to find an excellent planner quickly and made it happen together. 

Hannah and Josh hosted the reception. Some of her former Below Deck MedParticipating stars included Anastasia Surmava, who recently got engaged herself.