Prepare to be amazed Bella Hadid like you’ve never seen her before.

Model will make her acting debut on Hulu in this series RamyIn which she will play Ramy Youssef‘s girlfriend. The problem is that her character will not be adorable and charming. Her character seems to be exactly the opposite. Ramy said that it was “probably one of the strangest scripts we have ever written.” GQ Aug. 16. August 16.

Bella knows that this will probably surprise people, adding, “People probably thought that my first acting job would be something super sensual and sexy.”

She’s actually a “weirdo”, according to GQ. Guess what? Bella doesn’t care. In fact, she’s excited to make her debut. She revealed that she was almost ready to accept the appearance. “I was like, this is perfect,” she shared. We hadn’t met yet, but we had an inkling that it would work out.