Bella HadidYou know the power of a great quote.

After a report claiming that the model was 25 years old, the 25-year-old took to Instagram to share some wisdom. Gigi Hadi‘s boyfriend Zayn Malik had struck Yolanda HadidDuring an argument. (CelebHomes News confirmed that Gigi and Zayn no longer live together.

Bella posted a cryptic statement on her Instagram Story: “I can do no for you but to work on myself.” You can’t do anything for me unless you work on yourself.”

Bella was soon seen in New York City with her mom, shortly after Zayn had denied the allegation. Paparazzi took paparazzi photos of the mother-daughter duo walking into a building with matching Dior purses. 

Bella posted a close-up image of her outfit as well as a view of New York City’s skyline. 

TMZ reported that Bella and Yolanda had not publicly addressed the allegations. They cited sources who were directly aware of the alleged altercation. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The singer and the alum. 

The artist stated in a statement to TMZ that he had never struck Yolanda Hadid. I will not reveal any further details for the sake my daughter.