Bella loves trying out new trends but has admitted to regretting one of her biggest beauty mistakes.

Her words were: “I wish I’d kept the nose of our ancestors,” Vogue In March, she wrote about her 14-year-old rhinoplasty. “I believe I would have grown into that.”

Bella also addressed rumors that she’s had other cosmetic procedures, ijncluding “her eyes lifted, her jaw shaved, her lips filled,” but she set the record straight.

She continued, “People believe I am faking my face due to one photo of me looking puffy as a teenager.” I’m sure that you look different now than you did when you were 13, but it’s not likely. Never used filler. Let’s put an end. Although I don’t have an issue with it it is not right for me. Whoever thinks I’ve gotten my eyes lifted or whatever it’s called—it’s face tape! This is the oldest trick known to man.

Bella said, “People can talk about my appearance, how I speak, and how I behave.” In seven years, I have never lost a job or canceled a work, nor been late for work. “I don’t do my work.”