It’s never too early to raise a toast to great family and success.

She is one of the best-known supermodels on the planet. Behati Prinsloo is used to being photographed and followed around the world. As she continues her work raising her two kids, the 33-yearold says Dusty Rose5 and Gio GraceWith husband,?, 3, Adam Levine, a more balanced life has proved to be the best life.

Behati shared her story exclusively with CelebHomes News: “I have been on planes every day, and now I can kind of just sit back and see my children grow up,” As a mom you want to be able to know yourself as an individual while still being present as a parent and a good role model for your children. Then, you also want to be a wonderful mom who is an example for your children and someone who is passionate about what they do or the work that’s being done.

In between dropping her kids off for school and enjoying snuggle time under the covers, Behati has been hard at work creating CaliRosa Tequila with Adam. They have become even more close through this passion project. 

Behati revealed that they are both big drinkers of tequila. It’s my only real hard liquor, and I share the same sentiment with him. It was always our dream to have our own brand of tequila. We also believed that this would allow us all the creative freedom and flexibility we need.