Becca Tilley is feeling the love.

After confirming their romance, it was two weeks later that they were married. Hayley KiyokoThe former BachelorStar continues to be supported by friends and admirers around the globe.

It’s a great feeling. This is a very strange situation, as we have been married for four years. We’ve also been living together openly,” Becca exclusive shared with CelebHomes News on iHeartRadio’s KIISFM Wango Tango. It’s something that everyone around us is aware of, but social media has only made it more difficult.

The best thing about sharing your love online is? She said, “It takes away the pressure of worrying about her sharing something in it with me or posting it with her.” That part was really great.

According to Becca, her closest friends in Bachelor Nation—including JoJo FletcherAnd exes such as Ben Higgins, Chris Soules and Robert Graham—have all been supportive.

However, after Hayley and her Instagram romance was launched, they parted ways. Scrubbing In podcast host has been blown away by listeners who say they are now ready to share their truths with others.