“I am so excited to be doing my final two weeks. And, I just have to say, it is a lot of fun. Bean is the one who gets wet. 

Beanie was diagnosed just four days following its announcement. Glee star Lea Michele will be joining the musical’s cast following Beanie’s departure. 

“A dream come true is an understatement,” Lea shared in a July 11 Instagram post. “It is an honor to play Fanny Brice again on Broadway with this wonderful cast. We look forward to seeing you on September 6th.

A day before Lea’s casting announcement, Beanie explained in a July 10 Instagram post that she would be stepping away from the show earlier than previously anticipated. The Booksmart Original plan had star to perform up until September 25, however, she will now leave the production at July’s end.

Beanie said, “Playing Fanny Brice in Broadway has been something I have wanted for my whole life. And doing it over the last few weeks has been an amazing joy and true honor.” “This experience will be a lifelong memory. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all those who supported me, and the amazing cast and crew at the August Wilson.