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This was what you manifested, and it did come to pass! BaubleBar’s fan-fave Tarot Card necklaces are finally back in stock. According to BaubleBar, they sold out in just three days, and with how popular tarot and manifestation have become in recent years, it’s not hard to see why the collection sold out so fast. With that said, we highly suggest getting one (or more!) Get one (or more) for yourself, before they disappear again. 

You are having difficulty deciding on which necklace you should get. It’s a good idea to start with your birthday. Every sign has its own Major Arcana Major Arcana tarot card. If yours happens to be one of the options available, you can wear the pendant to rep your sign and carry the energies around that tarot card with you wherever you go. The Lovers can be used for Gemini while Taurus and Libra have the Empress. Leo has The Sun. 

Every pendant has information on the back that explains what each card is. For instance, the Star card represents inspiration and hope. The Star card pendant may be the right choice for you if you are looking to bring a bit more of this into your life. You may want to attract luck, opportunity and success with the Wheel of Fortune pendant. 

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