Sedona Prince Rylee leGlueAre going their own separate ways
The former couple—who are popular figures on TikTok—recently shared that they decided to break up after a little more than a year of dating. They shared the reason behind their separation in an emotional video they posted to Sedona’s channel July 31.
“We did split for, kind of, the best,” the college basketball star said. “It was a mutual decision…and are very at peace with this. We felt that we were stagnating as people. It was also our obligation and our responsibility to share with you our love on this app. We want to let you all know that we will not be sharing our videos any more.
Rylee, who held back tears as she spoke, added that they’re still on good terms, despite the breakup. Rylee stated that they still love each other, and she thanked the men for allowing them to share their love over the past year. We are grateful for all of your support.