Like her character Kat Hernandez. Barbie Ferreira has no time for people that want to try to body shame her.  

Speak with Which One Should Wear It on Wednesday, Feb. 2, the Euphoria star, 25, called out the “backhanded compliments” that she receives online from commenters that praise her for wearing crop tops and act as if it’s unspeakably brave to do so as a plus-sized model. 

“It’s not radical for me to be wearing a crop top,” Ferreira told the outlet, calling such comments “backhanded compliments. Since I was 16, I have been doing it. I’m 25.” 

Model and actress Sheryl Crow, well-known for her advocacy of body inclusion, said, “It’s just inborn that I like to express my self through my clothes. It’s something I have always done.” 

Throughout her arc on EuphoriaFerreira’s character Kat, a teenage girl, has struggled with self-love, body standards, and body image as an adult. Ferreira said that filming season two was “therapeutic”, partly because it allowed her to share some of her personal struggles from the pandemic.