Barack ObamaHas tested positive for Covid-19.

In a message to his various social media accounts, the ex-president stated that he had been suffering from a sore throat for several days but is now feeling well.

He and his wife have a special relationship. Michelle Obama are “grateful to be vaccinated and boosted,” the 60-year-old also confirmed that the former first lady, 58, “has tested negative.”

He said, “It is a reminder that even though cases are decreasing, it’s important to get vaccinated. This will help to prevent you from getting more severe symptoms and COVID for others.”

According to the Washington Post, Obama returned to Washington, D.C., having spent much of his winter in Hawaii. CNN.

This father-of-two has been vocal in his support for the COVID-19 vaccination. In March 2021, the Democratic former U.S. leader participated in a PSA with all living former presidents—except Donald Trump—to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.