After watching the Netflix trailer, we have one question. Bad Vegan: The Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.: The meat suit! 

The documentarians raised the subject in a trailer for the docuseries, asking a woman, “Do you know about the meat suit?” And while the description of this mysterious item wasn’t featured in the preview, the subject’s reaction made it clear that it isn’t the same dress that Lady Gaga At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, he wore: The person said “Oh no.” I’m going need a moment.”

However Bad VeganIt’s not just about that meat suit. The four-part documentary chronicles the downfall of celebrity restaurateur Sarma MelngailisA famous New York City chef who was vegan behind Pure Food and Wine in New York City, has pleaded guilty. 

Friends and former chefs spoke out about their experiences with Sarma in the years before her arrest in 2016. They described how she went from haute cuisine’s “raw Vegan queen” to being a convicted fraudster within a few years.