Sarma MelngailisIt is back on our tiny screens. 

CelebHomes News was informed by Peacock on April 13th that a new series would be announced. Pure—which follows the unbelievable true story behind Netflix’s docuseries Bad Vegan: The Fame. Fraud. Fugitives—is in development.

Based on the Vanity Fair article “The Runaway Vegan,” by Allen Salkin, Pure We will examine the change in the relationship between Melngailis, and Anthony Strangis, “two people who fulfilled each other’s desires to live in a world that existed outside of reality—which ultimately destroyed them,” according to the series description. A tragic and twisted love story that was doomed right from the beginning.

Heather RegnierThe series is being written by Lynn HarrisAnd Matti LeshemSalkin was a consultant producer.

Salkin’s 2016 article detailed the chronicles of Melngailis’ time as owner of NYC vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine and her marriage to Strangis. After Strangis convinced Melngailis that he could make her beloved dog Leon immortal and bring her financial prosperity, the chef siphoned off $2 million from her businesses—which also included juice bar One Lucky Duck—to give to him. In May 2016, the pair was arrested together in Pigeon Forge (Tenn.) for fraud and larceny.