Bachelorette Sneak Peek: See Joe Shoot His Shot With Michelle

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This week Michelle Young and Joe Coleman are playing some one-on-one on their one-on-one!

During week five of The Bachelorette, Michelle the guys head to her hometown in Edina, Minn. Michelle invites Joe on an intimate sneak peak video to go on a date at her high school to play basketball. This is a great choice, considering that Joe’s bio says “basketball is his first true love.”

Joe exclaims that it was “a very good moment for Michelle” and that she has learned more about him, past experiences, in this clip. Michelle continues to make me feel at home and my feelings for her continue to grow.

Joe clearly has feelings for Michelle. Michelle admits, “I feel like Joe was my crush in highschool.” “Because Joe played basketball, his head is high and he looks good.” 

Joe is our crush from high school and now.


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