Gabby WindeyAnd Rachel Recchia are smiling now—but will it last?

These two women will be competing for the love of their lives in season 19. BacheloretteA photo of them was taken by and they were cuddly, smiling in it. BachelorCreator Mike FleissApril 6, 2009. Mike wrote in the caption of the post: “See, no drama… Just two friends helping each other find true love!”

For the first time in Bachelor Nation history, two people will be the face of the show for an entire season. Gabby and Rachel both were contestants. Clayton EchardThe season of The Bachelor Clayton won back the title after making it to the Icelandic final. Susie Evans.

Gabby and Rachel became close over the course of their season. Their friendship was the reason the show gave both of them a chance.

The host said, “It was great to see you two support each other in Iceland. And also seeing how you had tonight.” Jesse PalmerMarch 15 BachelorEnd result: “That’s really why we decided that you should give us both a try.”