Cassidy advised Shanae back at the mansion that she make an impression on Clayton as Shanae was her closest friend. Shanae seemed to follow this advice as she performed the Nae Nae Dance for Clayton. Ziweat the second date in group.

Shanae quickly turned from being quirky to competitive and got a bit too physically involved in an obstacle course. She confessed, “I pushed your because I wanted to win honey.” Elizabeth. Then, during the evening part of the date, Shanae pulled Clayton aside to accuse Elizabeth of being “two-faced,” as the fellow blonde allegedly ignored her during a conversation.

She stated, “I’m not sure if she’s there for the right reason.”

Actually, Shanae received no slight from Elizabeth other than the fact that she took Clayton for a one-on-one conversation. Clayton was determined to investigate the matter and had another conversation with Elizabeth. Severalthe women around you.