Michelle, for her part, expressed similar sentiments.

I have never experienced a love so strong. She said, “And I love you with all my heart.” “And don’t ever want to think about waking up next to anyone besides you and doing life with anyone besides you. At the end I wanted to stand in front my soulmate and he is certainly standing right infront of me.”

The couple is serious about spending forever together, as they both told CelebHomes News that their wedding is happening a lot sooner than fans think.

“Summer wedding for sure is what we what we agreed upon and just looking in the near future,” Nayte shared, with Michelle adding, “We want warm weather. His family is Minnesotan. He grew up in Winnipeg. It’s cold and snow. Although it’s lovely, especially at this time of the year, wedding vibes are best when there is no snow and the sun shining.