Although they went their individual ways, John HerseyIs still up for Katie Thurston.

After the a BachelorOn June 21, a fan shared the news that the couple had split. A follower commented, “I feel Katie is why she can’t get a boy.” John swiftly defended his ex.

He said, “You only have so many words to speak in your entire life.” I urge you to be more kind, particularly when you are talking about people you do not know. A partner has never shown me unconditional love and support like that. It is not right to assume and suggest that Katie is wrong. The internet can be a mean place—let’s not add to it.” 

John and Katie announced their split earlier in the day, Katie writing on Instagram Stories: “Statement, no, we’re not together.” John said they were “no longer in a relationship” and added that the decision wasn’t taken lightly. It was evidently not an easy one. John expressed appreciation for all who had supported them.

He wrote, “I thank you all for supporting us through this journey.” Without you, we couldn’t be (and will not) be where we are today.”