A new rose bud!

Bachelor Nation alum J.J. Lane has welcomed his second child—his first with wife Kayla Hughes—and shared the joyous news on social media.

We are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to host you. Nelle Eden LaneHe wrote, “Into our family,” on Instagram on July 22 along with photos of the baby. “She was born July 21st at 8:16 PM (MT), and weighs in at 7lb 10oz.

J.J. called Kayla “incredible” and said it was an “amazingly emotional experience” to watch Kayla hold her daughter.

J.J. gave props also to his daughter GemmaAccording to him, the 10 year-old, who he had from a prior relationship, is prepping his sibling for being a hockey fanatic.

He added, “Her biggest admirer, however is her big sis, Gemma. She has been so loving with her and can’t wait for Gemma to grow old enough to be able teach her about the Avalanche Stanley Cup championship.”