Demi Burnett is asking fans to be open minded.

This 27-year old appeared on Colton UnderwoodThe 23rd season The Bachelor in 2019 and two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise, recently revealed she’s been diagnosed as autistic.

She shared her Instagram story on February 20th, “I had a psychological exam and found out that I was autistic.” Autism is subject to a lot of stigma. “I encourage acceptance and openness.”

“All I want to do is have a better life,” she said. “I’ll share my story about my assessment and how it got me to this point, and my struggles and pains along the journey.” It can get better! I wanted to let anyone feeling the same as me know that they are not alone. You can make it better!

Elle added that “And it’s not your fault.”

In addition to a photo of herself, alongside her message, Burnett also shared a series of memes that, as she explained, could be seen as helpful for those with a connection to autism.