A full-time position as a Bachelor Nation member is available.

Bachelor In Paradise, the saucy summer spectacle featuring all of your favorite—and maybe some of your least favorite—cast members from The Bachelor BacheloretteABC has announced that season 8 of the series was renewed.

Breakout fans love this The Bachelor“The network promises that the franchises will be back for another (or third) chance to find love.” The network promised that although they may have been brokenhearted in their previous seasons, now they can travel to a romantic destination to try and make the most of a possible summer date.

It sounds like we are getting some Bachelor In ParadiseThere are even veterans! And hey, the show does have a history of its cast members finding love—just look at last season!

Kenny Braasch Mari PepinThe couple, who were engaged after season 7, are still together. Joe Amabile Serena PittThey also made the big jump and they are now a happily married couple.