Clayton Echard is asking Bachelor Nation to give him a chance.

During The Bachelorette: After the Final RoseColumbia’s medical sales rep, reacted to criticisms that he was chosen for the role of lead on the forthcoming season. The Bachelor.

The host introduces the 26th season star. Kaitlyn Beristowe said, “Joining us now is a man who really does need an introduction because honestly no one knows who he is.” Clayton was on Michelle YoungAfter completing his season, and being sent home in week six, he left the stage, happy with the crowd’s cheers, and that there had been no “boos or any other” reactions.

Kaitlyn informed Clayton then that she would address the “elephant within the room” as well as how there have been “a lot of mixed responses” to him becoming the next Bachelor. He was “facing his haters headon”, she said, and then proceeded reading some “the more interesting” comments about him.

I thought it would be fun, you know, to just take a leaf out of Jimmy KimmelKaitlyn stated, in reference to the Late-Night host’s segment “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”. They’ll be read for you. Are you prepared?