From high school classmates to movie stars.

On Aug. 2, during a public appearanceLive Streaming: See What Happens, B.J. Novak shared that he and his Office co-star John Krasinski were in the same graduating class at Newtown South High School in Massachusetts.

If a viewer dials in to ask questions, Save Mr. BanksActor if he thought John and him would ever collaborate on a huge project. The Office, B.J.—who starred as Ryan Howard on the sitcom and wrote for the series—replied, “No. It was the first show of its kind and it wasn’t made before.

Hosting Andy Cohen then inquired if the actors were both “theater guys” in school to which B.J. He replied, “I wasn’t, he was.” “He was a jock. He was also a captain of the basketball team. “He discovered acting later.”