After a thorough search, an Australian actress who was missing has been located. The search party turned up the right person. Laura McCulloch was arrested and has been held at the Santa Monica Jail since Aug. 13, police said.

A GoFundMe page hosted by her cousin Merrie McCulloch stated that her “much loved Laura” disappeared on Aug. 12 and hasn’t been seen since. According to the fundraising, she was last seen in Santa Monica wearing a blue blouse and red skirt, as she prepared for Tinder or Bumble. 

The couple also stated that they hired a private detective to locate her.

Her rep told CelebHomes News that her family said the 37-year-old was last seen at a restaurant that evening. 

On Aug. 16, the rep explained that Laura would not have been out of contact for so long and she, along with her family members and friends, was concerned about not hearing from them. She is an incredibly talented artist and a great person, much loved by her coworkers.