Redmond, the son of Grammy-Award-winning musician and actor Ray Parker Jr., didn’t find himself in any over-the-top situations, but as he told CelebHomes News, he It isOne memorable day at the ranch left me scarred. 

He explained that Austin was his worst job. Because of the horrors I witnessed, suffered, and endured during my time in Austin, I can’t believe it. It’s something I can no longer see.

He probably isn’t exaggerating either. Ranch Rules: Relatively famous cast had to do everything from sheep shearing to artificial insemination for the animals.

Austin shared his memories of the event, saying, “I don’t know how it works, but it could change your opinion on cows.”

His words were, “I love ranch work. I love horses. This is very hard work. “Very dirty work.” They were not kidding when they claimed that we had signed up to do something we weren’t used too.