CelebHomes. What did you learn from your mom and would you like to be passed on to your daughter some day?  

AT:Because my mom taught me strength and belief in myself, that’s something I want to pass on to you. [Jupiter]. That has helped me tremendously in my job and business.  

CelebHomes How do you like Goodnest?

AT:This company has a lot to offer and I love what it stands for. I love Goodnest because they prioritize sustainability as well as being safe for babies with their ingredients.

CelebHomes: Which Goodnest Products do You Use Most at Home? 

AT: The Magic Wash is so innovative. For instance, I was at a hotel in Malibu and was like, ‘Oh, we’re not going to take her bag. She just took a shower. It’s not so far. But it’s just one night. We ended up with her having pasta all over us. [knew she was]This is not how you go to bed at night. [The wash]The body wash activates underwater. That is just amazing. 

CelebHomes – How have you viewed your future projects since becoming a parent? 

AT:I’ve seen a lot of changes in my life. I have always worked in the past. It wasn’t until Jupiter that I realized I needed to work for them. [dream projects]. It must be like this if I am going to spend time with her. Because it is hard to give your child time. So, one of my dream things will be launched in July. Then I am developing other things I would like to do. [too]. The focus was on being exact and not wasting any time.