Graham continued to keep fans updated throughout her pregnancy, from detailing her birth plan and cravings to proudly displaying her stretch marks.

I believe it is important to normalize all types of bodies. I normalized it before I was pregnant, I’m going to normalize it while I’m pregnant,” she told Access Hollywood in October. Every body is beautiful, and that’s what I believe I will continue to promote. The tiger stripes have begun to appear and it’s a wonderful conversation starter with mommies. It’s almost inevitable that you will get stretch marks while pregnant with twins.

CelebHomes News interview, February Daily Pop, Graham shared what she’s learned since becoming a mom, including “a lot about patience, how selfless being a parent is, and truly, how I don’t really need that much space to operate during the day.” 

The body-positivity icon also discussed how she uses her platform to slam expectations put on women after they gave birth. Graham stated, “I believe the postpartum snapshot is really B.S.” It’s a reality that is impossible for many women, and I’ve never been able to attain it.