It looks like Deepti Vempati may have found love in the pods after all!

Deepti is not wasting his timeLove is blind season two didn’t end with an “I do”—and she arguably had the roughest season of all the contestants—doesn’t mean she didn’t find her match. On March 4, she reunited with her family. Kyle Abrams revealed that his “biggest regret” from the show was not proposing to the 31-year-old data analyst. And now, in an CelebHomes News exclusive interview, Deepti opened up about where she and Kyle stand.

Though the pair didn’t choose each other in the pods, Deepti thinks that things are working out the way they were meant to.

Deepti admitted that “I have no regrets.” “Who knows, if I did pick Kyle what if—because we were under a microscope—maybe we wouldn’t have worked out.”

She said, “I believe we can do it our way now.” She said, “So we’ll just see how it turns out.”