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They each went intoUltimatumWe can only root for those in committed relationships to other people. Jake Cunningham Rae WilliamsThe pair instantly fell in love on their first date. They had an instant connection, evident throughout nine episodes of the Netflix reality show.

And—spoiler alert!—in the April 13 finale, Jake broke up with girlfriend April MarieRae ended their relationship and I wanted to establish a true romantic connection with her. Zay WilsonThe penultimate episode. Rather than an engagement ring, Jake presented Rae with two plane tickets to any location of her choosing—the giddy twosome seemingly ready to take off on a new adventure off-camera.

Our favorite couple really was riding into the sunset together. So imagine our delight when Rae revealed to CelebHomes News, that she and her husband never went on vacation.

Rae said that she felt as though so much was happening. “With Jake, April, and Zay ending things, I wasn’t comfortable just, like, jumping on a airplane and going away to have fun. It was important for me to rest and heal.