The Men in TreesThe alum received immediate medical attention and was rushed to the hospital. Heche’s rep later told CelebHomes that the actress had slipped into a coma and did not “regain consciousness since shortly after the accident.”

Her 20-year old son was left behind after her death. Homer Laffoon, who she shared with ex-husband Coley LaffoonCelebHomes was informed by a spokesperson that he had been left with “deep, empty sadness.”

He stated, “Hopefully mom is freed from pain and starting exploring what I would like to call her eternal freedom,” thanking supporters for all their help during the difficult times. As much as my dad, Coley and my stepmom, I’m grateful for their support. Alexi who continue to be my rock during this time.”

Heche also had a son, Homer. Atlas TupperWith 13, James Tupper.