Andy CohenHe is being candid about his experiences with COVID-19.

SiriusXM has been offline for a week. Radio AndyBravo Star, 53, returned to his radio station Monday Dec. 20 and said that he was recovering from a respiratory infection.

“I am so happy I could cry right now,” he began, sharing that he’s currently on the 10th day of quarantine. “I was diagnosed with COVID. We were away for almost a week because of COVID. It’s great news that my morning PCR test was negative

Cohen claims that he felt sick after receiving his COVID-19 booster shot.

His explanation was that “I believed that I had been sickened by the booster. That I was suffering from a reaction to it.” “And then two days later, I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is quite a big reaction.'”

Cohen was “quite sick” throughout the whole ordeal but he stated on his radio station that he is now “all right” and will soon return to his 2-year old son BenjaminQuarantine prevented him from seeing his son, Darren.